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BESTSELLER EV Home Charger Zaptec
  • EV Charger Icon 1 & 3-phase
  • EV Charger Icon 22 kW
  • EV Charger Icon Outlet
Zaptec Go 22 kW

The universal charger that fits all cars. With traditional Scandinavian design and a 5-year warranty.

  • €595.00
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BESTSELLER EV Home Charger Charge Amps
  • EV Charger Icon 1 & 3-phase
  • EV Charger Icon 22 kW
  • EV Charger Icon 2x Outlet
Charge Amps Aura 22 kW

The complete EV charger that charges two electric cars at the same time with up to 22 kW per outlet.

  • €1,995.00
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BESTSELLER EV Home Charger Easee
  • EV Charger Icon 1 & 3-phase
  • EV Charger Icon 11 kW
  • EV Charger Icon Outlet
Easee Charge Lite 11 kW

A brand new, future-proof charger that guarantees a smart charging experience up to 11 kW.

  • €645.00
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  • EV Charger Icon 1 & 3-phase
  • EV Charger Icon 14/22 kW
  • EV Charger Icon Cable 6m
amina S

A small charger with 5-year warranty, timeless design and a light & flexible 6m charging cable.

  • €545.00
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Contact your local electrician and let them know you want your new EV charger installed. Installing a EV charger is a simple task for any certified electrician.

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Wallboxes & EV-charging


Evify's mission is to accelerate the green transition by simplifying life for electric vehicle owners. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers.

  • EV Home Charger Icon What does a EV home charger cost?

    The price of wallboxes for electric cars for home charging is between €550 and €2000.

    The prices vary depending on how quickly you want to be able to charge, how many cars can be charged at the same time and other characteristics. But the latest cutting-edge technology is surprisingly affordable, and some cheaper chargers have better functionality (and more "smart" features) than older but more expensive models.

  • EV Home Charger Icon Which is the best EV home charger?

    Zaptec Go is the best-selling wallbox with us at Evify. Zaptec Go is one of the smallest wallboxes, which makes it relatively discreet and easy to find a suitable installation location for. Zaptec Go also has many smart functions and a full 5-year warranty.

    Charge Amps Aura is the most popular wallbox with two outlets at Evify. Aura is perfect for those who already have or plan to buy more than one EV.

  • EV Home Charger Icon Can you charge my electric car directly in the wall socket?

    You can! However, you must ensure that you have both earth-fault circuit breakers and proper surge protection. Without these there is a risk of fire. But even then it's very slow, compared to a proper EV charger...

    Ordinary wall sockets and engine heater sockets are not adapted to the high load that charging an electric car or plug-in hybrid entails, at least not for a long time.

    With a correctly installed EV charger, you can charge your car quickly, safely and securely.

  • EV Home Charger Icon Why should i install a EV charger at home?

    Charging your car in a regular electrical socket can sometimes mean a significant fire risk, especially without a special earth fault circuit breaker and surge protection. Even apart from the risk, it is unfortunately quite slow charging.

    If you charge a standard electric car with a battery size of 80 kWh in a standard socket, it takes approximately 35 hours to charge from 0-100%.

    If you charge the same car instead with a EV home charger that has a capacity of 22 kW, you can charge from 0-100% in under 4 hours.

  • Elbilsladdning Hemma Ikon What should I consider when choosing a EV charger?

    The first thing you should be aware of is whether your car has a Type 1 or Type 2 socket. The vast majority of cars now have a Type 2 socket since Type 2 became the EU standard.

    Evify has a convenient function to compare EV chargers, there you can see all our different chargers and their techincal specifications.

    The second question is; how quickly do you want to be able to charge your car? Charging boxes come with different capacities, which means that they charge your car at different speeds. If you use the function mentioned above, you can easily compare the speed of all compatible chargers.

  • EV Home Charger Icon How much does a EV home Charger installation cost?

    Installation costs vary from country to country with an average around €300. Installing a EV charger is a simple and quick job for any certified electrician.

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